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Professional Teeth Whitening Service

Many people want to better their smile through teeth whitening and brightening.

Plattner Family and Cosmetic Dentistry offers several options for teeth whitening, based on the level of stain or degree of color variation you have. See Before and After Examples.

Philips Zoom professional teeth whitening service

Our most popular option is our Philips Zoom professional teeth whitening service. With a single in-office treatment, the results are instant. The entire session only takes an hour and a half. It’s guaranteed to get one or two shades whiter. Some patients see five or six shades of improvement. Our patients like seeing those results immediately.

It’s very popular for graduations, weddings, and holidays. Some people even purchase it as a gift. It helps you elevate your smile.

Will teeth whitening make my teeth sensitive?

People often ask about whiten-related tooth sensitivity.

We have two levels of treatment strength. And the UV light is much less intense than it used to be. And we have safety precautions in place.

I also put patients on a sensitivity regiment about two weeks prior to their appointment. We simply switch their toothpaste. And we ask them to avoid acidic foods that weaken the tooth structure.

We’ve had really great results.

Before and After Examples

A before and after example of teeth whitening
A before and after example of teeth whitening
A before and after example of teeth whitening

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